"The Firs is the perfect setting to enjoy the natural beauty of Maine with friends and family. The accommodations are comfortable and cozy with multiple spaces to relax and recharge. The access to swimming and boating via the private beach and dock is incredible for a day on the lake and perfect for all ages. I have been visiting the Firs for over 10 years and each time it feels like I am returning to the most special place in Maine!"
- Hannah
"We have visited The Firs with our young children over the last 3 years. The Firs offers everything a family needs for a relaxing respite from work and life. We were comfortable sharing the family room in the barn, which was also spacious enough for a pack and play that was provided for us. We loved being able to just take a short walk to the lakefront and spending countless hours jumping into the water, skipping rocks, and taking out kayaks. The barn was equipped with everything we needed for our family meals (including a high chair) and every space was large enough for gathering with friends who also stayed on site. This is our favorite summer getaway and hope more families can continue to enjoy it!"
- Randi S.
"The Firs offers a perfect retreat for a week with friends. We spent our days at the lake kayaking, fishing, and swimming. We spent our evenings cooking meals in the farmhouse and enjoying quality time by the campfire. Even with a big group we found moments of solitude hiking the property, reading a book by the water, fishing off the dock, or taking a quick trip to the coast only 30 minutes away. It was a perfect setup for all of us to enjoy a relaxing vacation."
- Paulina & Matt
“Being at The Firs is always so fun. We love kayaking and campfires, cooking and singalongs with our friends, and waking up in the boathouse to the still lake just outside the window. The Firs is magical. And so much to do off campus too! We love going in to Camden and Rockland—whether to check out an Alpaca Farm or for candlepin bowling! We can’t wait to go back next summer and continue exploring!”
-Esther and Jason